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Главная » 2013 » СентябрьSeptember » 29 » Hispanic Heritage Month 2013: Christian Meier Among Most Prominent Peruvian Actors
Hispanic Heritage Month 2013: Christian Meier Among Most Prominent Peruvian Actors
Hispanic Heritage Month 2013: Christian Meier Among Most Prominent Peruvian Actors

Christian Meier has become one of the most important Peruvian actors of modern time. The actor, who was born in Lima, made his acting debut in 1994 in the TV series "Gorrion." That same year he appeared in his first film "Watchers III."

Following his success in "Gorrion," Meier later starred in "Malicia," "Obsession" and "La Noche." In 2001, the actor moved to Mexico where he obtained the lead role in the soap operas "Amores...Querer con Alevoisa" with Barbara Mori, and "Lo Que es el Amor."

Once he completed work in Mexico, he returned to Peru for "Luciana y Nicolas," which also starred Ana de La Regera. Then, in 2004, Meier went to Colombia to film "Luna, la heredera" with Gaby Espino.

Following those hits, Meier signed a contract with Telemundo and starred in some of their biggest soap operas. He joined Natalia Streingard in "La Tormenta" and Edith Gonzalez in "Dona Barbara." He also starred in "Alguien te Mira" with Dana Garcia, Geraldine Bazan and Ximena Duque. However, his biggest hit was in 2007 when he played "Zorro" in the hit telenovela "Zorro, La Espada y La Rosa" with Marlene Favela, Arturo Peniche and Erick Elias.

After having completed his work for Telemundo, the actor moved back to Colombia where he has since starred in the hit series "Lynch," "Prima Dama" and most recently in "Cumbia Ninja."

Aside from his work in TV, Meier has also made a number of films including the commercially successful "La Mujer de Mi Hermano," which also starred Manolo Cardona and Barbara Mori. He also did the web series "Arranque de Pasion," which united him with Kate del Castillo and Carlos Ponce.

Meier is also an accomplished musician. He originally started out in the a band called Arena Hash and later launched his solo career. He recorded three albums included 2002's "Once Noches."

Meier continues to be busy in his acting career and it won't be long until his next project is announced.

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