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Форум » Todo sobre Christian Meier en español - All about Christian Meier in English » All about Christian Meier » La Tormenta
La Tormenta
CristinaДата: Суббота/Saturday, 19.02.2011, 03:47 | Сообщение # 1
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La Tormenta (The Storm) is a Colombian 2005 - 2006 telenovela originally produced by RTI Colombia and broadcast by Telemundo and Caracol TV, starring Natalia Streignard and Christian Meier. It has 216 episodes.

Maria Teresa Montilla, a young, refined and cultured woman and a great executive, is the only heir to a powerful business group which is unfortunately going bankrupt. When she believes everything is lost, her ill father confesses he owns a farm in the llano, which is now their only hope to get them out of their financial ruin. Maria Teresa leaves her father and her business in the city and goes to work at the family’s ranch, La Tormenta (The Storm), which she must make profitable.
She is completely certain that she will achieve her objective, as she usually does, but upon arriving at her destination she finds that it will not be easy since she finds herself in a strange and wild world that is totally alien to her.
The ranch “La Tormenta” is managed by her father’s godson, Santos Torrealba, an honest man, loyal to his friends but a bit rude and brute – a man born in the countryside. Since the moment Maria Teresa is in charge of the ranch her life will change for ever after meeting Santos, a man who is her pole apart at first. On the other hand, Santos, a hardened womanizer, never thought he could feel anything alike to what he starts feeling for such a refined woman. From the moment their eyes meet, it is obvious to both of them that they are too different to live under the same roof. But the more they try to keep their distance from each other, the more intense the passion between them grows, forcing Maria Teresa and Santos to live out a stormy love affair in which their hatred for each other gives way to the purest love they have ever known.
When Maria Teresa arrives to the estate, she realizes that situation will not be like she had imagined she is faced with a hostile environmental filled of conflicts. Maria Teresa has to face greed, envy and wickedness from a few people to reach her goal, to transform La Tormenta into a prosper place which will help her family to resolve their economic problems. The ranch is coveted by many people, since in its limits lies a mine of petroleum and it also serves for many people as a smuggling area; therefore a lot of people will try to avoid that Maria Teresa and Santos live happily in La Tormenta.
One of the people with bad feelings towards Maria Teresa is her cousin, Isabela Montilla, a beautiful woman, cruel and calculating to whom Don Ernesto Montilla became her protector since her parents’ death; and who has always envied Maria Teresa. Edelmira Guerrero is envious and a bad woman, who tried to kill Maria Teresa’s mother when she was young, and who tries at all cost to obtain possession of the estate. Simon Guerrero under his elegant appearance hides his wickedness and ambition and also wants to take ownership of La Tormenta and tries to confuse Maria Teresa.
Other people are: Bernarda Ayala is a single mother who defends her honour and her daughters Trinidad and Valentina, at all cost. Trinidad is Bernarda’s adopted daughter, she has been taking care of her since she was a baby and she is over protective because she is blind. Maria Teresa’s father let Valentina and her mother live in the estate. Valentina is beautiful, passionate and brave.
The Storm, a whirlwind of love, passion and intrigue.

Christian Meier - Santos Torrealba/Santiago Guanipa
Natalia Streignard - María Teresa Montilla
Natasha Klauss - Isabella Montilla
Kristina Lilley - Edelmira Carranza de Guerrero
Marcelo Buquet - Simón Guerrero
Iván Rodríguez - Cipriano Camacho
Didier van der Hove - Enrique Montalvo
Aura Cristina Geithner - Bernarda Ayala
Carmen Villalobos - Trinidad Ayala
Eileen Abad - Valentina Ayala
Manuel Balbi - Jesús Niño Camacho
Luis Gerónimo Abreu - Miguel (Miguelón) Camacho
Patricia Castañeda - Magdalena Camacho
Juan Pablo Shuk - Padre Damián/Cosme
Danilo Santos - Argemiro Guanipa
María Cristina Gálvez - Remedios de Camacho
Agmeth Escaf - Alirio Paiba
Bibiana Navas - Sol (Solita) Cruz

CristinaДата: Суббота/Saturday, 19.02.2011, 03:48 | Сообщение # 2
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Trailers (with English subtitles)

sincitygirl77Дата: Воскресенье/Sunday, 05.02.2012, 11:13 | Сообщение # 3
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Do you have any link on a complete series of this telenovela??? thanks!

Сообщение отредактировал sincitygirl77 - Воскресенье/Sunday, 05.02.2012, 11:25
Форум » Todo sobre Christian Meier en español - All about Christian Meier in English » All about Christian Meier » La Tormenta
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