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Форум » Todo sobre Christian Meier en español - All about Christian Meier in English » All about Christian Meier » Isabella, mujer enamorada
Isabella, mujer enamorada
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The story Isabella, mujer enamorada (Isabella, a woman in love) takes place in the 1930s and tells the story of two twin sisters who were tragically separated at birth.
Clara grows up proudly thinking that she is the daughter of Madame Riveau, but when she finds out that her real mother is Leandra, the maid of the house, she gets a serious identity crisis that will upset her life forever. Meanwhile, in the countryside, far away from this obscure story, Isabella lives with her father, trying to smother the forbidden passion she feels for her cousin Gabriel.
The destinies of these two sisters seem very distant, but truth cannot be hidden forever. One day Andres, the twins father, finds Clara who has become Mademoiselle Claire Riveau and who is about to marry Fernando de Alvear a wealthy man. This unexpected meeting and the harshness that his daughter receives him with will finish with his uncertain health and he dies before being able to tell Isabella that she has a twin sister. The separation of the sisters seems definite.
Their paths have no way of converging, but destiny is stronger and it has decided to reunite them. In a trip that Isabella makes to Europe to meet her cousin Gabriel, she meets a man who will change her life: Fernando de Alvear, Clara's husband.
The love that grows between them is irresistible. Fernando is taken by Isabella's sweetness and simplicity, forgetting Clara, he surrenders himself to passion. On the other hand, Isabella, ignoring Fernando's life, surrenders herself to him without restraint discovering deep love and absolute surrenders, but also disillusion. Later Isabella finds out that Fernando is married and decides to leave from him forever. Fernando looks for her hopelessly, while Isabella cries her terrible disillusion in Gabriel's arms discovering that her encounter with Fernando has left a deep mark in her life, Isabella is also pregnant. Fernando, ignoring this truth tries to rebuild his life with his wife, but things are no longer possible between them. Neither Clara's love nor Leandra's deceptions are able to keep him tied to a woman he does not love, Fernando struggles to forget Isabella. When any reconciliation seems impossible between them, a tragic accident occurs which appears to have killed Clara.
Once again free, Fernando convinces Isabella of his deep love for her and now, without bonds, he asks her to marry him. Isabella, knowing that Fernando is the man of her life and having miscarried her baby, decides to marry him. Nothing presages the anguish that this union will lead to Leandra, in her role as housekeeper she will not allow anyone to occupy her missing daughter's place, not in her house and not in Fernando's life... Nobody, not even Isabella. Leandra will make her two daughters start a fight to the death. A battle fought for the cult of a dead woman who seems to take possession of the conscience and reason of a living woman. The struggle will be intense and surprising, even more when they discover that Clara is not really dead but returns from the shadows to definitively finish her sister.

Christian Meier - Fernando de Alvear
Ana Colchero - Isabella Benavides / Clara Riveau
Teddy Guzmán - Leandra
Julián Legaspi - Sebastián Revilla
Concha Cueto - Madame Riveau
Lucia Irurita - Gertrudis de Linares
Javier Echevarria - Gabriel Linares
Yajaira Horta - Rosario Oviedo de Linares
Javier Valdés - Andrés Linares
Nancy González - Victoria de Alvear

Форум » Todo sobre Christian Meier en español - All about Christian Meier in English » All about Christian Meier » Isabella, mujer enamorada
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